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Verrien | Seiko vs Fossil - Everything you need to know!

The new kid on the block

Fossil’s name may refer to artifacts that date to millions of years in age but that longevity does not apply to the company. While it is the new kid on the block, compared to Seiko, it still has the talent and ability to make great timepieces.

How those watches stack up in comparison to Seiko remains to be seen. Seiko has had a long run and it knows how to make a great watch. To find out which may be better, just continue to read our article. It has the information on both companies so you can make an intelligent decision on which one to buy.

No matter which brand you buy, you should be satisfied with the quality of components, the style of each watch, and the basic designs that does not overload your arm with a bunch of features.

What you are buying is a fashion statement, not a practical computer. Or you are buying a watch that lets the world know you have made it and you want to live that lifestyle.

Either way, you will have a great timepiece on your arm when you go out for dinner.

Who makes both Seiko and Fossil watches?

Again we have the battle between a Japanese company and an American one. Seiko, as you know, has been made in Japan for 140 years and from its humble Tokyo beginnings has grown into one of the more respected and reputable watchmakers this side of heaven.

Fossil, on the other hand, has only been in business since 1984 and is part of a conglomerate called the Fossil Group. However, even though it is an American company a large portion of its inventory has been made in China and imported into the country.

It has only been in recent years that Fossil has started to upgrade its product and bought out Zodiac Watches of Switzerland to utilize the Swiss watch-making talent to stay competitive. The company uses both Swiss and Japanese made movements in its products.

The company is known for making Armani, Michael Kors and Emporio brand watches alongside its Fossil brand.

Is Seiko a better watch than Fossil?

Even though Fossil has had Chinese companies produce its line of watches, their reputation is quite high. The quality of their watch brands say it all about the time, trouble and effort the Fossil head office puts into designing and materials used.

Their watch brands are known to be well-crafted and can compete with whatever Seiko throws it’s way. Then Seiko has held and maintained a stellar reputation for over 140 years now. Its watches are recognized for their quality and craftsmanship.

They are also known to last a long time. Fossil just hasn’t been around long enough to really know how long their watches will last. This company does use real leather for its watch straps which helps give it a leg up over most other companies.

But then Seiko uses top-quality metals to make sure their watch bands last longer than leather can. And without the odor gathering talent that leather is famous for.

Seiko vs. Fossil Features and Technology

Fossil uses the best of both the European and the Japanese tradition of craftsmanship as it uses movements from both countries. This gives the company an edge over Seiko which only uses the Japanese style ever since it started as a company.

But both companies do not put a lot of technology or features into their watch models. They are more upscale in style and design and while their watches can be worn for casual occasions, they are more at home in more formal settings.

While Seiko likes tradition, Fossil is more of a fashion-type watch. It is not looking to be like Casio and push any envelopes. it wants to look good on your wrist no matter which style of fashion you are wearing at the time.

This attitude helps Fossil keeps its prices at a more affordable rate than Seiko. There may be watch lines that have lots of features but they are not the bread and butter of either company.

Seiko vs. Fossil Looks & Style

This is where both companies will be practically the same. They are not looking to sell a lot of watches to the blue-collar workman. instead, their target audience is more in the line of government officials, celebrities, and the 1% or at least the well-to-do.

Their watch designs are usually sleek, nice fitting, and very stylish. While they can be worn to casual affairs, these companies’ watches fit in with the more formal crowd. The best dress watch for Seiko is the Shinobu Ishigaki while Fossil’s best dress watch is the Forrester FS5593.

Both are elegant in their simplicity and color selection, The Forrester is better in its blue face than the Seiko is with its white face. Both of these watch models can be worn anywhere at any time from the office to church to a formal wedding.

When you want fashion and style you will have a hard choice between these two brands of watches. This comparison is a basic tie.

Seiko vs. Fossil Cost

This is a category where Fossil will win hands down. Seiko is not an inexpensive watch to own but Fossil is. The latter company keeps its prices affordable in order to sell more. Seiko keeps its prices high to make sure they retain their value.

This does not mean that Fossil uses inferior products or Seiko uses over priced components, it just means that both watch-making companies have different target audiences in mind.

In most cases, when you go to a jewelry store, you will find these watches priced differently even though they will both have very elegant, stylish designs and colors. When you are on a tight budget yet want to be fashion-forward, you go with the Fossil option.

When you want to exude class and style, no matter the cost, you go with the Seiko.

Verrien | Seiko vs Fossil - Everything you need to know!

Verrien | Seiko vs Fossil - Everything you need to know!

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