The EXTREMELY helpful guide to Junker Watches

Junkers, a German watch brand, started as an independent watch brand and exists till now. The brand was begun by Hugo Junkers, after which the brand is named. 

Junkers strived to revive the memory of the inventor and entrepreneur and, with its models taking up again the memories of the famous Junker aircraft.

Junkers watches are a reflection of German craftsmanship that is known for its reliability and quality. Two materials are used in the making of these watches-titanium and stainless steel.

 Junker watches are powered by automatic, mechanical, or quartz movements. The brand is represented by a triangular logo, edged at the dials. 

silver and gold analog watch

Junkers Brand History

In 1895, Hugo Junkers was determined to begin a company called Junkers.  This company dealt with a variety of aviation and military businesses. The company set a record of breaking several technological innovations in aircraft. It became a trusted supplier of the German military. Junker brand worked with other aviation companies in the commercial sector. Junkers didn’t take long before becoming an influential and powerful person in German engineering and design, making his work respected globally. 

Junkers got attached to the Bauhaus movement and style, becoming one of the original people sponsoring this movement. He influenced this art school to be moved to Dessau District. Bauhaus design still lives on today, controlling aircraft and digital animation, home interiors, and watches. 

Junkers has recently been purchased. It is rebranded as Iron Annie.  But do not dismay- be rest guaranteed that Junkers watches are still manufactured in Germany with the original name. Junkers family lately manages it. 

Junkers & Iron Annie Watch Collections
Junkers is a producer of high-quality and affordable watches in various designs. Its power is that it combines reliable movements of Swiss and Japanese origin with appealing design, which appeals to many watch lovers. 

Junkers has different series in its collection. Here is a selection of my preferred watches by brand. I’ve picked my preferred designs-the ones that best embody the Aviation and Bauhaus history linked with the Junkers name. I’m not apprehensive about whether the models were produced before or after the Junkers family took control of the brand.

Junkers Bauhaus

Junkers Bauhaus collection is one of the most famous lines in the watch market. How are these watches unique? They are special because they have a connection with the aircraft designed by Hugo Junkers. The watches also have an impressive look, whether you are fascinated by the aeronautical realm or not. It is more attractive and exciting, particularly with the silver dials with gold accents. 

Junkers Bauhaus has a minimalist dial featuring a power reserve meter. Its appearance is quite refined to a depth of 9mm. 

A hand-winding mechanical movement powers Junkers Bauhaus. It retains some of the authenticity in a designed watch having a vintage appeal. The watch also features other additional features such as mineral crystal glass, lug width of 20mm, and water resistance of up to 30m. 


The cockpit is a Junker watch brand, round in shape. The watch has mineral crystal glass composed of several heat-treated elements to create an unusual hardness that helps resist scratches. Its casing (made with stainless steel) has a diameter of 42mm. The cockpit features a small date window that displays the date of the month. The watch is programmed to automatically adjust the date of the month for varying lengths and leap years to the year 2100.

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Additional features include a water resistance depth of 50m, automatic movement, a leather band with a width of 22mm, black dials, a leather strap with white stitches, and an embossed logo.

Amazonas Impression

Amazonas Impression is an evolution of the Classic JU-52 inspired watch.
 It takes inspiration from a beautiful landscape of deep blue waters and sunrays reflected over them. You can see all these elements in the fine details and warm colors on the dials and numbers of this particular watch.
 Amazonas has a circular case with a depth of approximately 12mm and a width of about 41mm. In addition, it is resistant to water to a depth of 50m.

Junkers Brand Reviews

There is a lot this brand can offer, but here is a question, does the rest of the world think about this watchmaker? I can sum this up just in a few pointers:
•    Junkers is an excellent brand. It is the best option if you love aviation-inspired timepieces, as aviation is the primary driving influence for their designs. The watches are stylish and comfortable. Thye can be worn with any outfit, whether official or casual.
•    Junkers is well known for producing automatic watches powered by the quartz movement. It is, therefore, a guarantee of accurate time-telling.
•    Junker watches are original stylish timepieces that offer consumers much better value for money. These well-made watches are available at all price points, making them affordable.
•    Junker watches are small and straightforward, mainly because of the Bauhaus movement, a significant influencer of the company’s design process in the early years.
In a few instances, the brand also has some flaws. Some of the customers comment that the brand uses a scratch-prone crystal. But is this understandable? Definitely yes, considering the price range. 
Other users with more petite wrists have to have fitting custom watches. Other reports are that the rotor is louder than expected, especially when in a quiet environment.
These are just minor. But If you are aiming for perfection, take note of the above before purchase.


Junkers watch brand offers the best. So is it a good brand? This watch brand has excellent offers. The brand, taking into consideration price points and quality is the best watch brand ever. These timepieces are built to last long. The overall materials and mechanisms used in creating the watches are of high quality.
Moreover, they are easy to maintain.  Putting a Junkers watch will make you feel stylish and confident. It is not a relatively cheap watch as it uses Miyota movements, which are pretty impressive. It is popular among fans of the pilot and German timepieces.
If you are looking for mid-range watches, you cannot go wrong with Junker watches as they are well built with advanced technology and premium parts.

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