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An incredible men's talking watch designed for the visually impaired, displayed on a white background.

Visually impaired people indeed face several challenges in life, especially when it comes to dressing up. There are so many things they can’t see because of their impairment. What do visually impaired people use to know the time? Most of them make use of talking watches. Such accessories have a voice system that gives out time and other important information.

Talking watches have been there for a long time, and the visually impaired are happy to have them, as they can now do lots of things on their own and even walk around without asking everyone what the time is.
What more? Nowadays, you don’t have to spend so much money buying talking watches because cheaper alternatives still have the same outstanding performance. Talking watches are no longer a mystery, as you will learn more about them here.

What is a Talking Watch?

A talking watch is a timepiece with a voice output system that announces the time and other important information such as weekly alarms, total hours slept by the user in the whole week, etc.   Talking watches have been around for a long time, and their popularity keeps on growing among the visually impaired.

Talking watches can be either digital or analog. They are usually measured by size ranging from small to large. The ordinary talking watch for the visually impaired comes in sizes 4 cm wide by 2 cm high, making it easy to carry around.
Talking watches have different parts that aid in making the whole system work. They include batteries, sound chips, a voice synthesizer, microelectronics, and a quartz crystal oscillator to ensure precise timing mechanisms.

Reizen Digital Analog Water-Resistant Talking Watch

The Reizen Digital Analog Water-Resistant Talking Watch is perfect for any active individual. It’s an innovative and durable timepiece that’s designed to withstand anything the day throws at it, whether the mud, rain or sweat from your morning run or heavy rainstorms.

The watch features a two-color design with an easy-to-read LCD screen, an hourly chime, alarm, and snooze function. The water-resistant function keeps you on track during a stormy season or just on a humid day in the office using CR2016 battery-powered movement, so you never lack in functionality when life takes us by surprise.

Atomic Top Button English Talking Watch for Seniors

Adjust the time and date with the Atomic Top Button English Speaking Watch for Seniors. This analog watch has large, easy-to-read numbers, along with a pleasant-sounding voice that speaks in English automatically every hour on the 10-minute mark. The sturdy design features a top button labeled “Talk,” and it has an auto lap timer as well, so you know when your walk or regular exercise is over.

This English-speaking watch has five senses, easy-to-read LCD digits, and the signal sign reception. This product is for adults!

English Talking Watch for Blind

The English Talking Watch for Blind kit is the perfect device for those with a visual impairment! This watch has everything you need. It talks in English, is made of synthetic leather, comes in white color, and has five-alarm sounds to choose from. The reading time can be obtained by pressing the button and choosing 12/24 hour mode; talking time will sound when you press the menu button.

The English Talking Watch for Blind is a great invention created with care. With its 35mm size and key features, like a quartz alarm and twelve-hour/24-hour choose-options, it’s perfect for your needs.

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Touch Face Talking Watch

Introducing the touch face talking watch, which tells time with the movement of digits on a white face. It provides easy-to-read instructions to help get you on your way to leading a healthier lifestyle. What sets this apart from other analog watches? You’ll hear when it’s high noon or not; there are no alarms to bother neighbors – learn how to live quieter at home while getting up and moving more.

It even has an AM/PM indicator! Look stylish with this elegant gold fascia as you stay in sync without looking like a complete interruption. With just three clicks during setup, this crafty accessory will work for those with poor skill if you want something different than all the rest.

Large Gold Talking Watch with Stretch Band

The gold watch with a stretchable band features an analog face, so it’s available for all different wrist sizes. The black numbers on the white background make this an excellent option for anyone constantly losing their reading glasses.

This product also has three different alarm sounds to help you stay alert and not miss anything important. If you need more than just telling time in a day (what with those long work hours), it also has a countdown function that will suit your needs!

All these features come in one beautifully made package with some pretty red packaging, which means no worries about gifting this watch or keeping it for yourself. Everyone deserves to be as punctual as possible.

Talking Square Watch

The Talking Square Watch is square, almost literally. The big rectangular face shows three-alarm time options, and the thick white hands indicate hours and minutes.

Equipped with a wide black rubber strap, this watch will be on your wrist all day and into the night. The talking allows you to set alarms easily and hear informative tidbits throughout each day with the voice of an experienced man who knows how to describe essential but straightforward features simply enough that anyone can use it!

The Talking Square Watch is a classic work-wear accessory for your wrist – but this baby has got some clever tricks up its sleeve. Choose from three alarm sounds, or add on the hourly chime setting – you’ll be able to have it both ways with this timekeeping beauty, don’t worry about all that battery talk: those lithium men know how to pace themselves.

Talking Watches for Visually Impaired

If you are looking for a talking watch that is visually impaired friendly, there are many different options. With so many choices out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. Above, we’ve provided a list of the most common watches with voice features and what they have to offer. Hopefully, this has given you some direction on which one might best suit your needs or desires!

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