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Through innovation, watches seem to become obsolete. Wristwatches were timepieces before the invention of smartphones. However, times change, and watches are used for fashion. Fashion watches imply timepieces made by fashion brands. The fashion brands make watches like an accessory, and they do not rely on their sales entirely. The watches complement a person’s style. There are different brands making fashion watches. Listed below is a list of fashion watches;



Gucci watches serve the people seeking fashion rather than authentic timepieces. This is an Italian luxury fashion brand. Guccio started out making leather products such as belts. However, Gucci is a leading fashion watchmaker due to the shift in fashion trends. Watches from Gucci, just like other products from the brand, are unique and vibrant. The watches blend Swiss watchmaking and Italian craftsmanship. Gucci offers several timepieces, such as the Gucci grip watch, which is a timepiece for both men and women. The watches are water-resistant up to 30 meters in water. The watch displays date, hour, and minute. Diamantissia is explicitly designed for women, and it is resistant 50 meters in water. The watch has diamante patterns on its face which are Gucci’s signature. The other timepieces from Gucci are G-Chrono, Eryx, Gucci dive, and G-Timeless.

Gucci G-Timeless Quartz Silver with Snake Motif Dial Stainless Steel Watch ( Image; The Watch Company)


Guess is known for denim products, and it is a US-based company. The introduction of watches in the fashion line was through Guess Collection, Guess Steel, and Guess. They produce fashion watches for both men and women. There are new categories introduced as the brand expands, and they are known as glitz styles. The features of glitz styles are gold-tone cases and Swarovski crystals. Guess timepieces are manufactured by a part of Timex Group, Sequel AG. The watches at Guess are either quartz or mechanic.

Guess Mens W1168G4 Surge Chronograph Blue Resin Strap Wrist Watch ( Image; Amazon)


Boss is a company founded in Germany, also known as Hugo Boss. The company initially supplied uniforms to the Nazi party and produced clothing for men, women, and children. Today the company is known for clothes, watches, and perfumes. The timepieces from Boss are for both men and women. They range from smartwatches, chronographs and sports watches. Boss entered into a partnership with Movado, a watch company, and has the company making their watches. Watches from Hugo are not just for fashion purposes, but they are high-quality watches, thanks to the partnership with Movado. Some of the watches designs from Boss are Rafale chronograph, Classic, Admiral, Yachting Timer II, and Supernova.

Two-tone stainless-steel watch with green dial (Image; Hugoboss)


Just like Gucci, Armani is a fashionable clothing line. However, Armani produces relatively affordable watches despite being an expensive brand. They produce both men’s and women’s watches, but the quality is relative. It serves as a fashion statement. Some fashion watches include AR1452 Gents Armani Black Ceramic Watch, Emporio Armani Men’s AR2447 Stainless Steel Leather Strap, and Emporio Armani Men’s Watch AR2453 Chronograph.

Armani Exchange Men’s AX2104 Black Watch ( Image; Amazon)

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an American fashion designer, and his real name is Karl Anderson Jr. The watches collections under Michael Kors are designed for both men and women. There are mini watches that are petite, and they are meant for women. Watches meant for men are oversized, and both men and women can adorn mid-sized watches. The Fossil Group partnered with Michael Kors to design and produce its watches. To make a fashion statement Michael Kors is the top brand, but it is not high quality.

Michael Kors Women’s Watch MK5538 ( Image; Amazon)


MVMT is a company in Los Angeles and specializes in making quartz fashion watches. The group was founded in 2013, which makes it quite new in the market. However, Movado acquired MVMT in 2018. According to the brand, style should not be so expensive. They produce both men’s and women’s watches. After the acquisition by Movado, the quality of the timepieces improved. MVMT watches play the role of making a fashion statement.

Chrono Gunmetal (Image;MVMT)

Ann Klein

There is a watch design at Anne Klein for every occasion due to the variety in style. Anne Klein watches are manufactured in the USA by Sutton Time. The timepieces are irresistible because they offer affordable prices, incredible style, and a warranty. There are over two hundred models of wristwatches for women at Anne Klein.

Anne Klein Dress Watch AKA9521811 (Image;Amazon)

Kate Spade

Kate Spade partnered with Fossil, a watch manufacturer, to produce their wristwatches. The watches are designed for fashion and therefore lack in quality. Adorning a Kate Spade watch will emphasize style and compliment the wearers’ outfit. The Kate Spade watch collection has a variety of designs that can be chosen for any occasion. Some of the watches have replaceable straps, which makes them very versatile. Kate Spade offers smartwatches and hybrid smartwatches to keep up with the current trends.


Kate Spade Women’s Scallop Quartz Watch ( Image; Watchstation)


Dior is a fashion house founded by Christian Dior. Dior is a leading French luxury brand. In 1975 Dior began making watches, and since then, many models such as La D De Dior, Dior Christal, Dior Vill, Chiffre rouge, and others have been produced. The watches are stylish, compliments all types of fashion, and there is a watch for every occasion.

Steel, 18K Yellow Gold, Diamonds and Lapis Lazuli Gem Dior (Image; Dior)

Daniel Wellington

The brand is new in the fashion watches arena. The company was founded in 2011. The aesthetic appeal of the Daniel Wellington watch is exceptional. However, the watches are just for fashion and luxury. The brand boasts of watches that have a wide range of tones and very colorful straps. The products bear the logo of Daniel Wellington DW, but there are other designs out there that are similar, and therefore, they are not unique timepieces. The brand has millennials as the target market, with the likes of Hailey Bieber as their endorser.

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Fashion watches do not emphasize much on quality but the aesthetic appeal. People should therefore focus on what makes them feel confident and comfortable. However, there are quality timepieces that can be considered by people who value quality on their watches. There are some careers, such as law, that adorning a timepiece changes the entire persona of an individual. Fashion watches are the best in such a scenario because they are used as an accessory.

By Rose Spencer

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