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Verrien | Timex vs Seiko Watch Brands

2 old pros go at it


When you are looking for a new watch, sometimes it is best to go with experience. The longevity of a company tells you a thing or two about their watches and the quality of their brand.


There is nothing wrong with having one or two watches from each brand in your jewelry case. You never know when you have to dress formally and having a Seiko to turn to will complete your look.


Then when you want to go out in your all-terrain vehicle and get dirty, reach for the Timex. It is made for that type of rough activity. But if you are going to say one is better than the other, it is like saying an apple is better than an orange.


There is no comparison as both will serve you well and keep very accurate and precise time


In this comparison, we have two old pros going head to head and they have been competitors for over a century. They know how to make watches as they have led the industry at different times throughout their independent histories.


To find out more about these companies and their watches, just continue to read our article. It has the information you will want to know about in order to select the right watch and brand for you.


Who makes both Seiko and Timex watches


If the country of origin is important to you, then where each watch is made will have some influence on your purchasing decision. Seiko got its start in late 19th century Tokyo while Timex began in the mid 19th century and in Connecticut.


The young founder of Seiko started his company as a jewelry store while Timex began as a clock-making company. over the years both companies saw their future and began to make watches.


Again, Timex beat Seiko to this decision, as it began to make its brand of watches near the beginning of the First World War while Seiko waited till 1924 to launch its first watch line.


Over the years both companies have made important discoveries. They were the first to produce unique timepieces that awed the rest of the world and had their competitors hustling to copy their innovations.


When you are looking for a watch company that knows what it is doing, you turn to these two corporations.


Timex Vs. Seiko Durability


Timex has had a saying for many decades now that resonates with the consumer. it goes like this: ‘Our watches take a licking but they keep on ticking.’ That is the type of durability you will find in a Timex watch.


Also, that is the type of quality you will find in the Timex Ironman watch line. it is built to be tough and to handle those very rough and tough situations without losing a second in time.


But, Seiko was not to be outdone. It made a line of diver’s watches that are said to be about the best in the world. You can’t be the best if you do not have durability built into your watches.


Unfortunately, lemons do slip through quality control and both companies have had their share of failures when it comes to this category. If it was a perfect world these two companies would make perfect watches.


Seiko vs. Timex Features and Technology


Both companies have seen a lot of technological changes over the years. While they may not produce a lot of watch lines with all the bells & whistles included, they have utilized those upgrades constantly.


Timex does have watches with Indigo lighting. This technology lets you see the face and the digits very clearly. Also, they have different timepieces that come with 3 sub-dials for those owners who need the extra accuracy.


Seiko does not let those same upgrades pass them by as they too make different watches that include those technological advances. They just prefer to give their watches a classy look instead of a Timex sporty look.


What this is saying is that you would have to check out their complete lines in order to find a watch with all the technology you want at your disposal. There are just too many products to list all the features here.


Seiko vs. Timex Looks & Style


The Japanese have a different attitude towards life and how they make their products. Yes, after the war, their skills were not that great but over time, they learned how to make great products. But that attitude governs their production every step of the way.


They do not want to lose face when it comes to selling a bad watch, even when it comes to the look of their timepieces. This is why you will see more elegance and class in their styles.


On the other side of the coin, Timex is thoroughly American and designs its watches with the average American n mind. You may not always get the style and class of a Seiko but you get a very accurate and good-looking watch to match the event you are at.


The thing that Timex has over Seiko here is that you can wear their watches to a rodeo and then to a nice gourmet dinner. They have that look about them but Seiko edges that company out in this department.


Seiko vs. Casio Cost


They say if you have to ask, you can’t afford it but that is not the case with Timex products. Their watches, while making some very fine expensive models, are usually reasonably priced. Their target audience is the average person who does not want to have to change watches when they change events.


That makes them a very attractive brand to buy from. Then Seiko does have some nice looking and very accurate low-end watch lines but their target audience wants to look their best all the time.


Their watch lines epitomize sophistication even when made with simplicity. There is just something special about a Seiko watch and their prices reflect that atmosphere.



Verrien | Timex vs Seiko Watch Brands

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