Ulysse Nardin Chronograph From Beginner To Expert (in 10 minutes)

Ulysse Nardin, who founded his watch company in 1846 when he was only 23 years old. The company is based in Switzerland, and in 1862, he won first place in the London International Exposition for complicated watches and pocket chronometers. As a quick aside, a chronometer is a term used to describe extremely accurate timepieces. Its origins are in marine navigation because if your timing is a little off, your navigator.

The un watch company, like many others, faltered in the 1970s with the popularity of quartz clocks and the decline in demand for mechanical timepieces. Former JLC saved the company in 1983.

Executive Ralph Schneider purchased the brand in 2014 and now the caring group is the owner of Ulus narden. The caring group is a high-end conglomerate that owns high fashion brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bella Veneta, and Valentino in addition to the watchmaker Gerard Parago. Un has a long history of producing three different types of watches, the most popular of which are the Marine watches, which are widely renowned for their design and features.

Higher end diving dive watches are frequently associated with brands like Rolex, Omega, and perhaps a breitling or a blank Pond. People may not be aware of ulysse nardin, a very high-end watchmaker who has been producing watches since, like, the 1800s or something.

There is also the poetically astronomical Trilogy of Time series, which includes the tellurium Johannes Kepler, the astrolabium Galileo Galilei, and the planetarium Copernicus. Most of these are well above 40 millimetres in diameter and some of them have complications like an enlarged date, a chronograph, or a GMT.

Each is created with the assistance of Dr. Ludwig ushlin, the originator of Watchbrandtsun Junior Lastly, and most recently, there is the freak. This family of watches, also created by Ocean, takes a Space Age approach to time telling. The movement in the freak fully rotates, and many of its features include futuristic materials and no Crown.

These have been a success for the brand, and they now place more of an emphasis on the free series. Un is also one of the only brands producing erotic watches, but that is a different video that Julie Sardin has created.

Ulysse nardin or u.n as a variety of human beings name it’s miles it higher than a rolex and why so for starters let’s simply say which you understand while maximum human beings think about

Higher quit dive dive watches they regularly think about rolex and omega and perhaps a breitling and perhaps a clean pond and that form of stuff they’ll now no longer thanks ulysse nardin a totally high-quit watchmaker they have got been making watches considering that uh i assume perhaps as a long way returned because the uh become the 1800s or some thing

I imply they have got been making them a long term however they simply do not have the call reputation that rolex or omega have and a part of which you understand rolex and omega each are related to james bond this isn’t always in reality i imply i am positive they have got a few

Associations however let’s get beyond all that let’s simply ruin down the piece the timepiece and speak approximately what is extraordinary and what is now no longer too perfect approximately it to start with the completing at the dial is immaculate you could see there you have got the uh withinside the luminescence in this issue the loom this issue is so vivid while the lighting fixtures are out i imply it is it is

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Incredible the uh the general in shape and end i imply that is beautifully prepare you could see the dial and if you have got a 4k show crank it up and you will be capable of see the information however this precise burgundy dial has a quilted kind appearance so in case you are out of doors and uh you are in vivid daylight it

Looks like a cover sample it at night time or in decrease mild it simply appears you comprehend it seems like a everyday dial and in reality to reply my query in advance says it at the small at the small seconds down right here 1846. so yeah ulysse nardin’s been round considering that 1846 there is no compromises in any way in relation to pleasant right here i imply this issue is

Is rock strong the bezel motion it is best were given a 60 click on bezel while the submariner has one hundred twenty one hundred twenty click on that means which you understand to move 5 seconds one 3 4 5 so five 10 15 20 25 30 instances is 60. so that you can get from 12 o’clock to twelve o’clock it’d be 60 clicks clean with the submariner it is one hundred twenty clicks now no longer that that makes a distinction in any respect however simply really well worth bringing up

This does have polished middle hyperlinks withinside the bracelet and through the manner this bracelet is first-rate snug in case you are questioning however it has polished middle hyperlinks and it has brushed outer hyperlinks you could additionally get this on rubber and it appears quite precise i am now no longer a large rubber strap sort of man however if you want that ulises norton the rubber straps appearance in reality precise hold in thoughts aleven though they may be custom equipped for

Your to your wrist now what you are looking at right here is in reality thrilling that is one of the uh one of the in reality cool components of the uh sorry i reduce my finger i used to be slicing a few a few charcuterie forums and that i reduce my finger right all the way down to the bone however uh yeah that is why i were given the bandage on however the 12 o’clock function you could see that cyclops

Look on the sapphire crystal it is flat that is progressive so they have got a cyclops they have got a date magnifier however the cyclops is underneath the sapphire crystal one of the court cases that a variety of human beings have with the rolex mariner now i failed to go together with the samaritan or date i went with the no date.

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