The world of watches is vast and complex. There are hundreds of brands, each with a different style and background. But one question that most people have when they explore the watch market is which brand I should buy? This post will compare two popular Swiss watch brands: Wenger and Victorinox.

Victorinox was a swiss army knife maker from 1897, but over the years, they have made their mark as one of the best watchmakers in France. The famed Swiss Army brand has been a household name for people belonging to military organizations and for common citizens.

Wenger became known in the market by introducing sturdy sports watches that were later joined by traditional Swiss watches. Wenger (derived from the word “Vigneron” in French, meaning vineyard worker) is a vintage watch brand. They have dedicated most of their time to researching and developing quality models for people to use in their everyday lives.

Both these brands are quite famous for making elegant watches with good movements and designs. It depends on your choice of which one you will buy because both are almost equal when it comes to quality and design.


The two brands are almost identical in terms of pricing, but a difference cannot be ignored when choosing between the two. Victorinox has a longer history and more experience in making watches for practical purposes than Wenger does. Thus, choosing the brand will mean you get a higher-quality product that lasts longer by default than one from Wenger. The Wenger watch might not survive harsh conditions and the Victorinox counterpart because it was made to deal with similar situations as those produced by its rival company.

This means that while the price may be lower, this particular quality makes up for that fact since it allows you to save money on buying another Wenger watch in the future. However, if they are both running the same price range, it is best not to go for the Wenger choice since this means you will have a worse timepiece than the one that might have cost you a little more money anyway.


The design of Victorinox watches is simple and elegant, although it stays true to its Swiss roots in function over form. Its stainless steel casing gives their customers high quality, but there is also a little bit of class added through the black face and hands with silver points which allow them to stand out against other options available on any given day.

The Wenger brand prefers cheerful colors like red or green, which makes them look less serious than those from Victorinox; however, their casing is also made out of stainless steel and offers the same level of quality as their main competitor. They are simple, but they will turn many heads your way when you wear them, which can be very nice if you want attention from women.

3) Movement:

When it comes to movement, there is no difference between these two brands because both are using top-quality movements from Switzerland (ETA)and Japan(Seiko). Some people say that the ETA movement is more accurate than the Seiko movement, but here there are no major differences between those two movements based on my research. Because even if you do not use a good quality watch, the ETA movement or Seiko movement will be the same in terms of accuracy


Victorinox Swiss army watch brand history is more than 130 years old. WENGER Watch brand(the new one) has been derived from Victorinox. So obviously, Victorinox is an older company and popular as compared to Wenger. The history of both companies is the same, that is they have existed for over one hundred years, and there is not much difference in terms of reliability between their products.

This means if you want something that lasts long, then both brands will do an equally good job which makes absolutely no sense when choosing between them as far as this factor is concerned. However, there are some things Wenger does better than Victorinox, like automatic winding capabilities and generally more reliable timepieces. But overall, they will offer you the same experience unless you go with cheaper options, so just choose the one whose price range fits your budget best instead of choosing based on their history alone.

5)Quality :

Both companies offer mainly stainless steel casing for their products, so there is nothing special about them here. Many other brands do the same without failing at all or having trouble making durable cases. Both brands have a similar history in this feature, which means they are equal once again, which makes choosing between them based on quality irrelevant because it will come down to price and features in the end anyway.

6)Water resistance:

While both companies offer timepieces that will resist water for many hours, Wenger offers better water resistance ratings than his counterpart. Even though this doesn’t mean much because you won’t be spending time in the water with a watch in your hand, it is still nice to know that you can go swimming more easily if you happen to buy a Wenger instead of a Victorinox.


Both brands are equally reliable, and you can expect to have a good experience with either of them, which is why durability won’t make or break your decision when it comes down to this choice since both brands are great at making timepieces that last for decades before they need repairs. However, if we were talking about more expensive choices, then Wenger would be the way to go since their automatic winding capabilities make their products more durable than those made by Victorinox, so in that case, price does matter because of the different durability levels between these options.

8)Comfortability :

This is one of the most important factors since the watch is something you will wear every day, and if it doesn’t fit you well, it can ruin your experience with timepieces in general. Wenger has a considerable lead when it comes to comfort over Victorinox because they offer better sizes for their products than their rival company, so if you have a problem finding comfortable watches, then Wenger may be the way to go as long as their price levels don’t differ that much from each other. But it is still nice to know that Victorinox isn’t very far behind its main competitor, and both brands are equally comfortable overall, which means an easy choice between them here.

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New Wenger models weigh between 75 grams to 100 gms, while old Victorinox watches and some other swiss army brands, including TISSOT watches, weigh between 40 grams to 55 grams which are lightly weighted compared to new Wenger models.


By Rose Spencer

Rose is an experienced writer and a watch seller, making use of pop-up shops space. She got into watches thanks to her granddad, who introduced her to the wonderful world of watches. Two of them still collect watches together, and Rose is always on the lookout for rare watches (and colorful) varieties.

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