What are Outcarb watches?

Outcarb watches is a watch that I got from my little sister for Christmas and she saw actually I have an MBA MT watch that she saw and fell in love with and said she wanted something like that so I was looking around.

Outcarb Watches is a shady company that claims to give “free watches” in exchange for simply paying for shipping. They use bogus endorsements from Elon Musk and other celebrities to spam advertisements.

I didn’t have a lot of money to spend so this is a watch that looked very similar to the MV MT watch that I had a very simple clean dial kind of minimalist look and these watches they normally they retail for around $70 – $80 is the normal price you’ll see them for so let’s take a look at that so here’s the the watch up-close again.

You can see it’s a very clean look those indices are applied so they kind of raise up above the dial a little bit which is nice the hands have a very kind of rounded look which is sort of unique to the Fairfield.

I haven’t seen many other watches with that shape hands but that kind of differentiates it a
little bit but yeah very very easy to read very minimalist just really clean watch I think has a stainless steel case back which is nice for when it gets a little bit damp.

The case is very high polish metal and looks pretty sharp but again looking from the top you can’t really see much of the bezel at all yeah just one last look through it before we try and get some wrist shots.

I think this watch is great for a lot of situations you can use it with a more casual outfit but it will also dress up and be fine for business or if you wear if you wear suits or nicer occasions so you can kind of really wear this watch almost any occasion.

I mean other than exercising or something like that again it’s very comfortable easy to wear and just overall great design.

watch itself it’s a nice-looking all-black watch alright now that we’ve seen the contents of the box let’s look at the watch itself it’s a beautiful looking watch all black and ultra slim you can see how slim the strap is and even the dial itself is quite slim.

You can see it’s about 8 millimeters as it says in the description and there’s no date indicator on it it’s just the analog wristwatch itself it’s got a stainless steel band with a mesh design and the time can be adjusted using the dial.

It’s got a nice jet black finish around the dial and the mesh design on the watch this is what the
what the actual strap looks like without the plastic cover as you can see I’m back as well at the back there’s some information about the what it says it’s water-resistant it’s water-resistant up to 3atm and it’s about thirty meters underwater.

It’s got good waterproofing as well and you can simply put it on your wrist and lock it in place the strap can be adjusted as per your sizing so you can adjust it so that it fits you well overall this makes for a nice watch or professional as well as casual use.

whether it’s for business or you know just for casual dinners are any of those occasions or even for something like a wedding this makes for a great watch black is always a good color and the black dial with the black strap makes this nice beautiful watch.

Outcarb Outcarb was founded in late 2017 by two very good friends with the goal of providing high, trendy, yet affordable timepieces to young professional gentlemen. We realized that watches were something we could both do and utilize as a motivating tool for others.

If you have any issues with your Outcarb order, they will do everything possible to rectify the situation. We want to treat you as if you were a member of our family. Because of you, we know we’re in business.

Customers will receive the greatest quality items at the most affordable costs.
Outcarb offers all of the features you’re searching for in a contemporary premium watch. We didn’t want it to be another timepiece. It has to be really unique in terms of connotation. The ultimate design took us almost a year to come up with. We began again if we saw a watch that looked similar to our design, until our final design was original and faultless.